The Complete Beginners Guide to Card Making


Are you looking for a guide to card making?

Card making is the craft of making handmade greeting cards. The hobby has been around for a very long time, even dating back to the early Egyptians! Today, the greeting card industry is big business. However, there is nothing like making and receiving a handmade card.

I have been making cards and scrapbooking off and on for about 20 years. My favorite tools for making cards are stamps, card stock, and patterned papers. Through the years, I have learned various simple techniques that make card making easy. You don’t have to be super crafty to create beautiful and meaningful cards.

How to get started with Card Making

Sometimes starting a new hobby can be overwhelming. What do I need to buy? How much? What paper should I use to make greeting cards? Ok, take a deep breath and let me help you.

Guide to Card Making – Basic Supplies Every Beginner Needs

  • Cardstock
    • White Cardstock – I like to use this 110-pound cardstock for my base and then the 80-pound for any layers. If you are just starting, purchase the 80-pound white cardstock since it is an excellent paper for both.
  • Adhesive – There are many types of adhesive but, just get the tape runner kind for now. A tape runner will work with almost all of your projects. You can purchase other adhesives later.
  • Paper Trimmer – This might not seem like a necessary item, but it is a lot easier to use a paper trimmer than to use a ruler and scissor. You will thank yourself later for investing in one.
  • Ink – If you can only get one color now, get black ink. If you can get more, get a few colors to match the color cardstock that you have. You can build up your ink stash gradually or purchase them in sets.
  • Stamp Sets – The stamp sets you purchase will be your personal preference. However, if you are just starting, I recommend you buy at least two sets – one with a variety of sentiments, like this one. And one with some flowers, or other designs that you like, like this one. Stamp sets are going to be the item you purchase the most. There are many awesome stamp sets out there and once you define your personal style, you will know what you like and what you want to create with.

This is your basic guide to card making and these are the main items you need to get started. There are a lot of other supplies that you can purchase in the future like fun embellishments, beautiful dies and super embossing folders. Card Making can be an expensive hobby but if you invest wisely in your products, you can build up gradually and get the most money out of your supplies.

Tips for Success in Card Making

Card making is all about being as creative as you want to be. Some people are super creative and love to put tons of embellishments on their cards. Others prefer a more simple approach and like clean cards. There is no right or wrong way to create a greeting card. The more you make, the more you will be able to find your style and what you like.

Don’t feel intimated by card making. Guess what? It’s ok to copy. You can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest!

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Card Making

Card Making is a fun and relaxing hobby. It’s cheaper than a store-bought card, and your recipient will appreciate it much more!

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